Plate stacks in Davit

Wet-running sinter-lining plates

For dry- and wet-running clutches and brakes, Ortlinghaus is able to provide a very comprehensive range of plates. The plates and the friction surface are important functional elements in every clutch and brake, and have been developed in many different ways since the early days of clutches and brakes. The choice of friction system depends on the application: in general, one plate with friction material works together with a counterplate of steel or cast iron. The inner and outer plates are mounted with the other drive components by lugs and slots, and the spline is in accordance with DIN 867 and DIN 5480 as well as other standards. In addition, holes in the plate for studs and special shapes in accordance with customer requirements are available.

Combined with a multi-plate clutch or brake, these plates come in a multitude of different dimensions, friction combinations, and surface patterns.