Clutch-brake unit Cee.go | Series 480. Ortlinghaus Quality.

Series 480

Clutch-brake unit Cee.go

The Cee.go is a clutch/brake combination that can deliver significant improvement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of a press. 


It can be mounted very easily, reducing the effort needed for assembly.


Engineered as a complete system, it enables greater speed and therefore output through a reduced clutch activation time. In addition, the systems approach increases the durability of the product and reduces breakdowns.


With no external hydraulic system to be assembled, tested and integrated, set-up time during assembly is also reduced.


The Cee.go is a wet-running clutch/brake combination and therefore faster than dry-running clutch/brake combinations. Wet-running systems like the Cee.go are also low-wear.


The design-to-cost approach allows us to offer a higher-quality product at the same price as comparable clutch/brake combinations. Higher quality in turn means fewer breakdowns or interruptions for adjustments during production.


The Ortlinghaus Quality is apparent. For more than 75 years we have delivered products that increase the up-time of presses, improve performance and enable our customers to produce presses which manufacture higher-quality products.


With the Cee.go, our innovative clutch-brake combination for C-frame presses, we have raised the bar yet again. The system is wet-running and pneumatically actuated and increases the Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The Cee.go boasts a series of technical innovations and advantages that make its operation more efficient and cost-effective.

Clutch-brake unit Cee.go | Series 480. Applications.