Hydraulical clutch-brake unit | Series 123. Ortlinghaus Quality.

Series 123

Hydraulically actuated clutch-brake unit

The hydraulically actuated clutch-brake units from the series 123 work exclusively with wet-running, oil-cooled plates with friction pairing steel/sinter. 

The advantages of having a multi-plate construction and oil-cooled friction pairing steel/high-performance sinter in addition to actuation with pressure oil at 60 bar are seen in the product’s extraordinarily compact design and high operating efficiency. The series offer high torque, low moment of inertia and high switching speeds with a minimal need for maintenance.  Model series 123 represent a good alternative to dry-running combinations. They operate in sealed housings which prevent leakage and keep switching noise to a minimum.

With these benefits, the clutch-brake units are suitable for a broad range of applications in press, shear press, and large press engineering as well as in embossing presses and drawing presses. 

The series was designed and constructed according to international safety regulations and approved by the German employers’ liability insurance association.

Hydraulical clutch-brake unit | Series 123. Applications.