Mechnical clutch | Series 100. Ortlinghaus Quality.

Series 100

Mechanically actuated multi-plate clutch

They are supplied with the friction combinations steel/steel, steel/sintered lining and steel/organic lining and as a result are suitable for wet-running and dry-running, i.e. they can be used in either an open design or a closed design. Engagement and disengagement of the clutches is by means of a „sliding sleeve“ with a cam profile which is moved axially over resilient angle levers, these in turn transmit the required force to the set of plates. A limited amount of plate wear is compensated for by the resilient bending of the levers so that the torque capable of being transmitted remains constant to a large extent and adjustment is only necessary after an extended period of time. The engaging/disengaging movement can be introduced by means of hand levers, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders or electromechanical actuation systems.

Mechnical clutch | Series 100. Applications.