Ortlinghaus Service.


Even Ortlinghaus products have to be maintained or repaired from time to time. We will be happy to help you do this.

You can send us your original Ortlinghaus products for factory repairs. The products sent to us are immediately checked in our repairs department. The work required for repairs is determined and a cost estimate is provided to you in a qualified offer. The order is then processed and return shipment is made of the repaired product.



Benefits of factory repairs:

  • detailed check of the product sent in
  • qualified offer on the scope of repairs
  • use of the complete expertise and infrastructure of Ortlinghaus
  • fast order processing to keep standstill times of your production machine to a minimum
  • Warranty on the work carried out and on the replaced parts
  • inclusion of improvements to the product



SpeedRepair: In-house repairs in 1 day



  • Direct access to the largest Ortlinghaus parts warehouse
  • Analysis with cost estimation
  • Extensive expert know-how available