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Ortlinghaus is leading specialist for the supply of clutches, brakes and plates including hydraulic power packages and control units.

Our global network, consisting of more than 25 branch offices, sales partners, and service points, ensures that we can respond quickly and stay in touch with our clients' needs.

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Independent trolling solution by Ortlinghaus

The Prop.act is a self-sufficient, ready-to-install clutch unit that makes it possible to steplessly vary the propeller rotation at constant engine speed and, in doing so, vary the thrust via the control lever..

Find out more about this Ortlinghaus innovation: Prop.act




Prot.act 171 & 172

Safety brakes delivered by Ortlinghaus

Ortlinghaus has been the first with a specific safety brake solution for the field of servo presses.
After more than 10 years of experience, we have launched the new Prot.act generation series 172 which fulfills highest safety and customer requirements for this application.

Find out more about this Ortlinghaus innovation: Prot.act 

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Revised Flyer

We have revised some of our brochures.
Here you will find an overview of our products and services.

We hope you enjoy browsing through them virtually and we look forward to a subsequent contact.

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Teaser Flyer Slipping Brake

Slipping brake for winch applications

Ortlinghaus developed a new hydraulically actuated and wet running slipping brake for winch applications.

More Information about this brake can be found here.