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Winch Technology from Ortlinghaus. 

We have been operating in the field of winch technology for more than 90 years. With our experience we provide a full range of products from plates, clutches, and brakes for deck machinery offshore applications and port technology.
We are the only company with extensive experience of manufacturing clutches and brakes which has also proved highly successful in producing its own plate linings. Ortlinghaus has an outstanding reputation for quality all around the world – and we are dedicated to upholding this. Together with our clients we develop individual solutions characterized by innovation and superior engineering.

Ortlinghaus has developed a reputation for quality throughout the world – and we are highly motivated to meet and exceed our previous standards. We work with our customers to create custom solutions that are characterized by innovation and superior engineering.

Download Winch TechnologyOur worldwide network of more than 25 subsidiaries, sales partners and service hubs ensures our high degree of customer service.

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