Ortlinghaus Service.
Service Kits.


Ortlinghaus service kits are carefully compiled packages of individual replacement parts needed to repair or maintain pneumatic clutch-brake combinations so as to prevent a wear-related breakdown before the next scheduled service.

Use our practical and functional service kits to carry out clutch maintenance in an economically viable way.


Four Service Kits – The right solution for everyone

All necessary parts to ensure that the clutch-brake combination
operates perfectly. Short downtime due to short repair times.

Comprises the parts needed for planned and preventative maintenance.
The intervals are determined by the press’s operating parameters.

For small inspections of presses in single-stroke operation.

For continuous leakage free operation.



Your advantages

  • Certified original Ortlinghaus replacement parts guarantee the highest level of quality and reliability
  • Practical and functional kits
  • High level of availability thanks to ready-to-use warehousing at the facility
  • Lower administrative expenses
  • High first fix rate: all relevant parts included
  • Machine productivity rapidly restored



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