Pneumatic clutch-brake unit | Series 406 in Main drive

Series 400 & 406 & 420 

Acceleration and deceleration of press ram in single-stroke mode


The pneumatically actuated clutch-brake units from the tried-and-tested series 400, 406, and 420 have been further developed to meet the increasing performance and safety requirements in press engineering. The 406 series offers optimally high clutch and brake torques in small dimensions – making it a high-performance compact design. Today, the model series represent the traditional drive unit for stamp and form press engineering and offer excellent adaptability in the following areas:

  • Twelve-point attachment of the friction plates or two-point attachment with straps of equal or different lengths provides flexibility for various applications. 
  • Friction element selection depending on shape and material to obtain the most effective service life with quiet switching under all operating conditions. The friction pad version is recommended for machines with high dynamic loading or load reversals under continuous operation. 
  • Attachment to the shaft or crankshaft with the aid of either keys and lateral attachment or a clamping set – these being fitted on the clutch side for the 420 series and on the brake side for the 406 series.

Dimension- and Torque range