Diagnostic and control unit | DC650. Ortlinghaus Quality.

Diagnosis and control platform

  • Low integration effort
  • Easily accessible service
  • Condition monitoring

The key component of the new innovative control and diagnosis platform DC650 is the central hardware module. Equipped with various inputs for sensors and actuators, multiple digital interfaces and embedded computing power all combined in a rugged housing it enables digitalization and monitoring of relevant system information in the field of industrial and marine application. WIFI and LAN connection enables easy accessible services with highly available HTML browser technology, which makes additional software components obsolete. As a plug-and-play-solution with fieldbus interface for communication with other components, it ensures low and cost-effective integration efforts.

The DC 650 series is the scalable, flexible solution for diagnostic and control purposes. Robust hardware is combined with modern software that makes it possible to implement application-specific monitoring for our well-known clutch and brake systems. The spectrum of the DC 650 series ranges from simple diagnostic functions to a complex control system for our Prop.act series 212 including speed-controlled long-term slipping. The DC 650 is also available for our integrated clutch series 202.

By following a simple integration scheme concerning user interface, sensor and actuator integration, the operator benefits from our experience in the field of controlled slipping clutches, brakes and clutch brake units as well as hydraulic components and control units.


Diagnostic and control unit | DC650. Applications.