Pa.go system. Ortlinghaus Quality.

Hydraulically actuated, wet-running clutch-brake system with mechatronic closed-loop control

Pa.go enables the precise closed-loop control of clutch-brake units in large presses. While such control brings considerable benefits during normal operations, it also helps to counter the impact of changes in operating conditions like temperature, wear, oil leakage etc.

The speed-regulated servo pump produces the required operating pressure dynamically, allowing it to control acceleration and braking of the clutch-brake unit in a precise manner.

The press safety valve is monitored and actuated by the press’s safety controls.

Closed-loop control
The entire clutch and braking process is controlled by Pa.go Control, which matches the requested operating status with the current system pressure and Pa.go’s speed, then generates a target torque for the motor. The relevant parameters are transmitted to the servo controller via EtherCAT, which provides the electricity needed for the motor.

The status variables of the regulation can be used to calculate plate wear, among other things. The wear variables can be called up on the display and are used for preventative maintenance. In addition, Pa.go Control records key data such as maximum pressure, acceleration time, braking time, reaction time, and clutch-brake unit switch time for each press stroke. The pressure and torque is recorded every set number of strokes in an oscilloscope graph so that the switches can be analyzed retrospectively.

Process reliability
A log file records any interruptions that occur as well as the total number of switches, allowing for preventive measures to increase the uptime of the press.

Productivity increase and equipment preservation
The innovative pressure regulation makes it possible to use the clutch and brakes quickly and smoothly. Thus, productivity is increased and the machinery is better preserved.

Increasing machine readiness
Preventative maintenance enabled by qualitative wear recognition increases machine readiness on a long-term basis. The availability of the machine is thereby ensured, along with the overload safeguard, by means of calculations on the basis of the current heat load.

Conserving resources
The speed-controlled servo pump works efficiently and conserves resources.



  • Preventive maintenance
  • Wear measurement
  • Electronic slip control
  • Error diagnosis
  • Interface
  • Diagnosis of CBU data
  • Closed-loop control of Pa.go
  • Convenient touch display
  • SD card slot for data recording
  • Various sensor and bus interfaces


Connection Diagram


Pa.go system. Applications.