Combined unit clutch / vibration dumper | Series 992 in Main drive

Series 992

Clutch coupling and highly-flexible clutch in a compact unit

Due to short development times, designers today try to concentrate on core skills. To do this the necessary bought-in components must selected effectively with the high level of reliability to be expected. This will be made possible by merging single components into a compact unit ready to be installed. This should be designed by the supplier for the application, if necessary adapted for this and supplied complete.

A traditional drive solution for a diesel engine consists not only of the engine but also the clutch coupling including media supply, torsional vibration damper and the input and output side flanges. Here up until now it has been necessary to design not only the engine whose power is produced from the requirements of the driven end but also the clutch coupling and the flexible clutch and to string all the parts on a shaft including designing input and output flanges. Design costs that cannot be underestimated.

Ortlinghaus provides a combination of a torsional vibration damper and clutch coupling for a wide range of drive tasks. This includes an oil feed and all the necessary connection flanges, e.g. in compliance with the SAE for direct connection to a diesel engine. These compact, ready-to-install units offer all the advantages of the familiar Ortlinghaus clutches, such as a high level of reliability, many different sizes and designs and long spare parts' availability together with tried and tested, highly flexible clutches, perfectly suited to the application.

These combinations not only save time and money in the design process (an important factor with shorter and shorter development times) but also space because the functions contained are arranged so as to save space. They can be fitted quickly and easily because they are ready-to-install units. A high level of reliability is guaranteed because all components are all perfectly attuned to each other.