Hydraulical clutch | Series 021 in Towing winch

Hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch


Based on our friction linings, which have been tried and trusted for many years in the marine sector, clutches in this series reconcile high torque and thermal absorption rates as well as a favorable outer diameter. A high shaft diameter can also be used.


Due to their broad power spectrum, smaller sizes can be achieved with corresponding weight and cost benefits, especially in higher torque ranges. The optimized outer diameter makes shorter distances between axles possible, and in this way offers clear savings potential in the gearbox.


The hydraulic multi-plate clutch impresses with its comprehensive service friendliness. The plate pack, which is wear-free under the specified conditions, can be accessed from either side depending on the model, and ensures an easy, safe, and swift replacement of the plate pack. The special design also ensures that other components cannot fall out during replacement.


The Ortlinghaus muti-plate clutches safely accelerate even large propellers and generators. This optimal further development of our tried-and-tested technology sets today’s industry standards.