Hydraulically actuated and wet running slipping brake | Series 022 in Towing winch

Series 022

Hydraulically actuated and wet running slipping brake

Ortlinghaus developed a new slipping brake for winch applications to meet the increasing market requirements. This brake delivers a closed, wet running friction system which is almost maintenance-free and allows continuous slipping. The closed systems protects the brake from environmental influences and conditions but also do not emit any wear or dust particles like a dry running brake.
All this generates a strong and constant slipping torque which leads to a consistent performance of the brake and a very long service life.

This brake also meets the requirements of industry 4.0 with an optional integrated control and monitoring system which allows condition monitoring and therefor prevents from a breakdown due to faulty operations of the winch caused by overload for example.

For cooling and engaging only one medium is needed and therefor the brake can be easily integrated. There is no need to have pressurized air for engagement and sea water for cooling for example.