Hydraulic brake | Series 128. Ortlinghaus Quality.

Series 128

Hydraulically released brake

Hydraulically actuated clutches and brakes work exclusively with “wet-running” oil-cooled plates with the friction pairing steel/sintered lining. The advantages of actuation with pressure oil at 80 bar, the multi-plate construction type and the oil-cooled friction pairing steel/high-performance sinter result in an exceptionally compact design with high performance. They feature high torques, low mass moments of inertia, high switch times and little maintenance. The separate design requires different shaft ends for installation, which makes it possible to use different clutch and brake sizes. Since they run in a sealed housing, no dirt is released into the environment. 

The international safety regulations for press manufacture were taken into consideration for the design. The clutch-brake combinations have been recognized as safe by the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association and type-tested by the Swedish Industrial Safety Authority.

Hydraulic brake | Series 128. Applications.