Compact drive | Series 045. Ortlinghaus Quality.

Series 045

Compact drive with pneumatically actuated clutch/brake combination

The Ortlinghaus compact drive from the series 045 and 046 is a ready-to-install drive unit consisting of a clutch-brake unit, a flywheel and a gearbox. This drive unit is used in metal-forming machinery such as eccentric presses in which the work capacity of the machine is derived from a flywheel. In comparison to spur gearing, the planetary gears used in the compact drives save installation space and have smaller rotating masses. High rotational speeds make it possible to keep the size of the flywheels to a minimum and, when used with Ortlinghaus clutch-brake unit, results in compact drive units with a broad power spectrum. The individual components (clutch-brake unit, flywheel with bearings and planetary gearing with output hub) are matched to each other in order to suit the characteristics of the machine in a space-saving assembly. These series have proven themselves in thousands of metal-forming machines over the years.

Two different compact drive designs can be used:

  • Pneumatically actuated single-plate clutch-brake unit (dry-running) for machines which mainly work in continuous operation.
  • Hydraulically actuated clutch-brake units (wet-running). These virtually wear-free, low-maintenance units are particularly well suited for medium and large presses which also work in single-stroke mode.

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