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Self-sufficient hydraulically actuated clutch system

With Prop.act – our new shifting clutch system – we have taken another step toward the future. The hydraulically actuated, wet-running clutch unit with shaft end connections on both sides, integrated oil supply and hydraulic control can be installed on a ship as a ready-to-use compact unit. A stand-by pump is additionally installed, that keeps the system self-contained at any time.

Essential Advantages.

Prop.act is a sophisticated end-to-end system, which, for example, allows complete installation of the rudder propellers in the ship. 

The clutch system is fixed to the ships bottom as a stand-alone solution.

The wet-running of the clutch ensures wear-free operation (within defined technical limits).

Integrated oil supply
The supply of pressure oil and cooling oil is integrated with a built-in oil tank. As a result, no separate pumps, valves and heat exchangers are required, which makes additionally piping and expensive installation superfluous. Cabling due to shipping standard. 

Defined drive interfaces enable simple assembly of the driveshaft through adjusted connection dimensions. 

The operation of Prop.act generates little noise. 

Integrated sensors
Built-in sensors produce all necessary signals for operation and monitoring.
This eliminates the need to install additional sensors and makes overall installation much easier.



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