Prop.act. Ortlinghaus Quality.

Independent trolling solution.

  • Variation of propeller rotation at engine idling speed

  • Precise and safe manoeuvring

  • Pinpoint accuracy in any situation

  • Variation of propeller rotation at nominal speed

  • Precise and safe positioning

  • Self-sufficient, ready-to-install system solution

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The Prop.act is a self-sufficient, ready-to-install clutch unit that makes it possible to steplessly vary the propeller rotation at constant engine speed and, in doing so, vary the thrust via the control lever.

Prop.act. Full propeller control.

Extreme continuous slipping_95px

Extreme continuous slipping

The possibility of continuous slipping
makes safe manoeuvring possible
even under rough sea conditions and
challenging escort manoeuvres.

Compact design_95px

Compact design

This type of installation saves
space compared with separate
firefighting drives.



The combination of Prop.act and
rudder propeller drive with fixed
pitch propeller (FPP) is a cost-effective
alternative to control-lable pitch
propeller (CPP) drives.



The slipping function offers a high
level of safety against stalling of
the diesel engine. The captain
therefore always has a secure
drive system at his disposal,
allowing fast reactions to loss
of drive or control of escorted


Simple integration_95px

Simple Integration

Straightforward integration of the
Prop.act in the drive train is facilitated
'by free positioning in the drive train
between the rudder propeller and engine,
together with the control system supplied
as an option and the dedicated cooling

Trolling to speeds close to zero_95px

Trolling to speeds close to 0

The slipping function of the
clutch in combination with the
additional brake makes it possible
to vary the propeller speed to
almost zero.

Sturdy construction_95px

Sturdy construction

The sturdy construction of the unit
offers a high level of operational

Long service life_95px

Long service life

If deployed correctly, the unit
achieves a main service interval
of at least 40,000 operating hours.

Prop.act. Features.


Active brake

As an option, the Prop.act is offered
with a brake that provides two functions:
1. As classic shaft brake for holding the
propeller and thereby securing the
propeller position to prevent unintended
rotation. The braking torque is set at
50 % of the engines’ nominal torque.
Idling torque from the clutch is suppressed.
2. For variation of propeller rotational speed:
The trolling range is enhanced. By applying
a low braking torque, the propeller speed is
regulated from zero up to the desired speed.

Prop.act control_95px

Prop.act control

We offer the Prop.act as a package
complete with a control system.
In other words: Our customers do
not have to bother with programming
or actuation of the components and
can completely rely on Ortlinghaus
to do this.

Integration of our controls in the
vessel control system is straightforward,
and described on provided integration sheet.

Electric auxiliary pump_95px

Electric auxiliary pump

Ortlinghaus offers an electric pump
that can be run independently of the
diesel engine. As desired for towing
manoeuvres, for example, the shaft
brake can also be used with this pump
while the diesel engine is switched off.
Clutch operation can be maintained even
if the engine speed is lowered below a
critical point.



The availability of our units is secured
through permanent condition monitoring
of all of the relevant components. Monitoring
of the units is achieved by recording the speeds, pressures and temperatures. If the permissible parameters are exceeded, our control system prevents an overload.



Customer - PTO

The Prop.act is equipped with a power take-off (PTO). The customer can use the PTO, for
example, to drive the pump for propeller


Prop.act. Technical data.

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Prop.act. Applications.