Hydraulical clutch | Series 202. Ortlinghaus Quality.

Series 202

Hydraulically actuated Sinus® multi-plate clutches

In its company‘s history of more than hundred years, Ortlinghaus has built an image as a strong partner for the marine industry concerning clutches, brakes and plates. Based on this experience Ortlinghaus developed the hydraulically actuated multiplate clutch series 202.  

All construction details had been adapted to the marine industry and optimized. The result is a modern multi-plate clutch as consequent development of proven technology. A high torque with simultaneous high heat capacity is achieved, connected with low weight due to a smaller outside diameter. Additionally there is the possibility to use a large shaft diameter. Because of the power-density, it is possible, especially with torque ranging high, to choose a smaller unit size for less weight and cost. The smaller outside diameter allows smaller shaft centre distance for weight and cost savings of the transmission. Special attention during development was focus on easy maintenance. Thus the plate package – which works free of wear in the defined operational conditions – can be accessed from both sides depending on series-design. Thus other parts are prevented from falling-off during service work. Because the core clutch components are based on proven technology, this clutch will also provide the safety Ortlinghaus is known for. It will contribute to accelerate large propeller- and generator masses in a secure manner.

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